Friday, February 13, 2009

Topic of the day ...

Who let the sharks out?

(posted by os.c on behalf of Anonymous in the interests of generating a new and topical stream)

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  1. I have a blog where I've written a bit about sharks (unashamed plug).
    I was listening to an expert from surfwatch on the radio this morning and he said the rise in shark numbers is connected to the plentiful supply of bait. He reckons this is a cyclical thing - if that's any comfort - and the bait and therefore sharks will drop off again in the next few years.
    The 'don't swim in the harbour or ocean early or late in the day' makes sense, too. Both of the recent victims were in the water when sharks are out and about looking for food.
    I also heard a fisherman on talkback and he said there's hundreds of the buggers out there, but added that it wouldn't stop him swimming at a beach - because they've always been out there.
    Kids sail in the harbour every weekend and small boats with yummy small fry often capsize. But that's during the day when the harbour is busy - I've read that sharks don't like the sound of running motors or too much commotion in the ocean.
    I haven't yet entered the harbour swim, but I think I will take the risk but only if my big burly brother in law enters too - he looks tastier than me.

  2. I blame Ian Kiernan. If the harhour wasn't so clean these days there would be no fish and therefore no sharks.

    Just perfect swimming conditions...or not!

  3. What happens when you cross
    a great white shark with a cow?

    I don't know...
    but I wouldn't want to milk it.

  4. Q: What is a sharks favorite bible story
    A: Noah's SHARK

  5. can I wear elastane swimmers still?


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