Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big River Man ...

In recent newsletters, we've mentioned the story of Martin Strel, who swam over 5,000km down the Amazon in 2007. We swam with Martin last weekend, and we're preparing a report on him to be posted soon on We also have received an email from Bob Cope, who also saw the movie, Big River Man, at the Sydney Film Festival ...

I'm a long time ocean swimmer of 66 years, eg did the Alcatraz two years ago.

We also viewed 'Big River Man' at the Sydney film festival. I'm not sure you should more or less endorse it, at least without cautions. The film production was very ordinary and we felt the people involved were deeply flawed, including the star. I'm no wowser, but I found it disturbing to see him knocking back grog in the middle of a swim. Undoubtedly, however, you could not but be impressed with his determination.

Overall, I could not recommend the movie to anyone except as a curiosity.

Thanks for your continued emails and information.

In swimming

Bob Cope
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