Tuesday, July 28, 2009

World (pool) Swim Champs ... Joke or Farce?

Into Day 2 of the World (pool) Swimming Championships, and world records are dropping like nine-pins. Even some of the world "record" breakers say the hi-tech suits they're using are responsible, and that they should be banned.

We wonder: what's the point of watching, of paying attention? What's the value of a world record that's artificially supported? How do they compare with the existing records now being broken?

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  1. These new swim suits have ruined the world championships...I lost interest after day 1, the times are meaningless.

    Check out this article on SwimNews ... http://www.swimnews.com/News/view/7110


  2. As soon as I heard that the high-tech swim suits would be allowed in the world champs, I lost interest. As John Haw has said, they have ruined the world champs. I think all of the "world records" broken by swimmers wearing these suits should be marked with an asterisk and set to one side so that when swimmers return to the regular types of swim suits next year, they can break the previous world records properly without the artificial aid of these suits. The records broken by swimmers wearing high-tech swim suits are meaningless as far as I am concerned. The sooner they are disallowed the better for the sport.

  3. the aussie breaststroker who broke the world record said it made no differance so then why
    did he wear suit . I cant even remember his name
    and its another sport that I will not bother with
    that leaves 0 sports left to watch at the 2112 london olympics Alby


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