Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sydney 2009 World Masters Games

The start list for the Sydney World Masters Games Open Water Swim 17/10/2009 is available to registered entrants.
Entries have already closed 31st July.
3k open water swim around Chowder Bay, 2 laps and an in-water start & finish.
Looks like a tight rectangular course, 4 x 90-degree turns on each of the 2 laps.
For those swimmers who were not put off by the higher entry fee, or the cooler water or the prospect of swimming off Clifton Gardens, it should be a big event.
Total 660 starters split over 6 waves, so expect some jostling for position at the start and around the buoys.
Link to the Event Swimming & Open Water Swimming Guide ..
The ruling on wetsuits seems to be fair "Wetsuits may be worn ... however the competitor will NOT be eligible for a medal."
No mention of FINA open water swimming rules regarding obstruction & interference with other swimmers, I guess common sense will prevail on the day.


  1. Ocean temp (Coogee) was 20c last weekend, after a few days of big southerly swell.
    Hopefully some of that water washes into Chowder Bay by next Saturday.
    We might get closer to the "minimum 18c" water temp advertised in the World Masters swimming guide.
    Weather forecast is looking good, mostly sunshine all week and clear next weekend.

  2. REALLY REALLY PISSED OFF! why was this event cancelled. we knew it was going to be cold in oct in syd. the life saving events went ahead. we are ocean swimmers we know what our bodies can handle. no mention anywhere of cancellation if cold. i want my $220 back, we can't get our dignity back, so sorry to all the interstate/international swimmers. how embarrasing!!!!!!!!!

  3. During "warm up" it was clear this was going to be a chilly swim. Not a nutcracking Bondi 16°C affair but just a little chilly. It's hard to imagine that conditions in the harbour changed much in 24 hours and so many people were incensed that the temperature wasn't taken yesterday, a decision made, and some notices posted on the WMG website. We understand that the organisers have rules to obey/a duty of care to their swimmers. Alas though, the order of proceedings left swimmers, volunteer workers and friends a bit pissed off. With so many athletes and that much pent up energy it was clear something needed to happen and so many went for an impromptu race around the bay anyway. Yes, it was cold. And a little uncomfortable out on the edges of the course. But the lesson surely has to be that a little more planning and organisation would save a lot of titting about and grumpyness.

    Can anyone posit why the decision to can the event came after the cans were laid out? (And I don't think anyone buys the 'we just wanted the best chance of running the event' argument.)

  4. It's a cruel missfortune for all openwater swimmers!

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