Sunday, January 3, 2010

1,000 turn out in "driving rain"...

We had a lovely day, a lovely day at Black Head, on the lower north coast, for the first inaugural Head2Head Ocean Swim, and we hear many others had a terrific day, too, at Newport. We'll bet they did at Gerringong, as well, but we haven't heard from anyone there yet.

Black Head had 210 on their first outing, with more than half fronting on the day. A great result in a wet, drizzly day. We're told Newport had 450, which is fantastic in the "driving rain", according to ocean swimming twitterers.

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  1. Newport was a little ripper of a swim. It ran as smoothly as the Japanese rail system.

    The planets were aligned and the elements in perfect harmony. The cylindrical orange buoys were highly visible (one seemed to have fallen over but the support boats were there to assist swimmers), so I had no trouble finding my way around the nicely plotted anti-clockwise course (I usually wander all over the shop).

    The highlight for me was the last swimmer's arrival - quite a while after everyone else was out of the drizzle and warm and cosy in the surf club.

    The surf lifesavers guided the swimmer onto the shore, encouraging her all the way. As she struggled in the waves, two volunteers lifted her up and supported her on either side as she walked up the beach. She ran the last few metres (hugging and being hugged by family, friends and volunteers) as everyone clapped and cheered her on.

    That sort of sums up the atmosphere on the day.

  2. The Gerringong swim
    The weather wasn't kind to organiserers here either with the day very grey and over cast with the morning filled with rain, but the crowd still came.
    The walk from the club house over the hill to the start at the boat harbour and ramp was a chilly one but certainly helped to warm up those involved. The conditions at the start were rough with large chop combined with strong currents and surges making the going uncomfortable for the combined start.
    Once underway the conditions did not improve untill the turn for home from around the second last bouy. The surf on Werri beach gave some of the lucky compeditors a good ride before the short run up the beach.
    The water safety crew did a fantastic job in what were the toughest conditions that I have swum in in some time. Just to be out there was an acheivment in its self.
    I am looking forward to veiwing the results as these were not so forthcoming on the day.
    This is an event that I look forward to doing again in the future.

  3. Well done to Newport Surf Club. That was the best swim this season.

  4. Black Head Swim
    For a first time run swim, I though that the Black Head swim was really well run. I felt like this swim had been running for many seasons, such was the calibre of the organisation. Despite the drizzle, a decent crowd turned out, boosted by those luvly ladies from Forster.

    A tad bumpy at the start, but turn the first can, and the swell was with you. I enjoyed this swim; well worth the hike.

    I agree with os.c that the main turning buoys were too small and the swim would benefit from larger cans, at least on the extremities. And for once, some good body surfing into the beach. The bbq looked and smelt good, but a swarm of terrorists queued up in front of me before my patience ran out.

    Anyhow - well done Black Head; in the words of Arnie -"I'll be Back".

  5. 3 swims and only 4 comments...Oceans swimmers New Years Resolution "No Discussions"...No one mentioned the alleged moving of the bouys at Newport, so the oldies got to swim a shorter course. The young generation are so nice not complaining. No one mentioned the oldies in fastskins, I thought they were banned.

  6. Black Head swim - well organised and very friendly all round. Nice to swim in a smallish croud (about 150) as I have only done the bigger ones. The down pour 15 minutes before smoothed out the sea a bit which was good.


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