Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rising cost for the maturing rank and file...

I started ocean swims many years ago, at the time may be less than 10 swims per year available.

I am now 65 and retiring soon. When I became 60 I recall in one race I was 2nd oldest. Now swims cost $40 minimum and no class for those over 60 or younger ones in some races.

Ten swims per year $400?

The number over 65 is very minimum and if they consider a discount for those over 65 the loss to the club would be minimal it may even increase due to extra swimmers.

Richard Capper


  1. I agree with Richard there should be a discount acting as an incentive for the over 65's as I hope to still be swimming open water when I'm that old (Another 15 years to go)

  2. Damn straight. In my opinion Richard and Co. are the pioneers of a sport that none of us would be able to enjoy now, if they had not done the hard yards to kick it off.

    I reckon give the over 60's a free entry.

    As long as they ain't faster than me in the water.

  3. I agree for both young and over 60's.

  4. Spot on.
    There's a whole "wave" of Ocean swimmers about to make their way through the over 60's.
    Keep them involved.


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