Sunday, March 13, 2011

Such a perfect day on Sydney Harbour, Tangalooma...

... it was such a perfect day at Sydney Harbour. It seems this swim just strikes some of the best days of the season. We recall one of the earlier swims at which it rained very heavily after the swim, but all the rest, pretty well, have been like this. The water was the best we've tasted it, for the harbour, there was a gentle chop, just a little breeze from the nor'-east to take the edge of the heat, and plenty of sunshine. Just so noice.

Results are up now. Later on, we'll break them into categories and handicaps. And we'll post our report, which will be words from Aquagirl, visiting from Frankston South, photograrphs from Glistening Dave, and our video, "'ullo, Eileen!"

We hear they had a good time t Tangalooma, too. Check out @seppo311's comment below... Settles rear their ugly heads again.

But tell us about your swimming this weekend, whatever and wherever...


  1. Where is my result????? Most disappointed to see that after finally making it to a swim and paying quite a large entry fee I am nowhere to be found. I loved the swim but we all want a time, am I right?? Am I alone is this or were there large scale error??


  2. I'm with Catrin on this one... Don't see my name anywhere either... Have checked the 2km list from top to bottom several times!
    Anyone know someone we can contact to check this out?


  3. Actually looks like my number: 289 is the same as a chap called Andrew Peacock.
    This could be interesting...

  4. The 1km results from Sydney Harbour now have been revised to include 16 race day entries, we are advised by the timers. Revised results posted now on

    If you have problems with results, please email us at

  5. Perfect everything on the harbour.

    I loved the 'rotund' bloke in the wetsuit with the loudspeaker, giving instructions to each wave of swimmers. He told me there were two scuba divers in the harbour scouting for SHARKS, and "me". Mmm...

    Also, is it really a 2km swim? I doubt it. And does most of the $55 entry fee go to the prostate cancer charity? I hope so.

  6. Well done to Adam Wilson and team on an excellent smooth running event this year. Over the past 10 years this has grown to one of Sydney's favourites.
    From a swim organisers point of view I expect this is not the easiest location to work with but we do appreciate being able to compete here, so thank you. Despite the forecourt of the Opera House being less than ideal this year everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Everyone I spoke to said they will be back next year.
    We had quite a few visitors from all over NSW (Forster and Newcastle area particularly)and also from interstate and overseas this year which is always fun. Thanks to you all for making the effort and I'm so glad Sydney put her best face on for you! Ya'll come back now!

  7. Hi,

    Absolutely it was 2km, I won't hear anyone say differently. That's what it was advertised at and that's what I'm putting in my diary.

    Of course this means I did a PB of more than 8 minutes, which sounds fine to me. The fact that I've never beaten 20 minutes for a kilometer in a pool but did under 33 minutes in the Harbour just shows a) the increased buoyancy of Sydney Harbour water; b) the effect of all those favourable currents; c) the way all those turns slow you down in a pool; and d) my magnificently increased fitness over the past few days.

    I guess some people might say just because the same swimmer won the 1km in 12.56 then did the 2km (and won - what a swimmer) in 17.43 that it indicates the 2km might be a bit short.

    But I vehemently disagree; obviously the 1km was a long course, while the winner was clearly well warmed up by the time he did the 2k and swam a lot faster. And the last kilometer in the 2km was downhill so it would be faster, wouldn't it?

    If I were the type to whinge, which as a Pom clearly I'm not, I might ask why the ferries weren't stopped during the race. Nothing like a couple of big waves from a ferry's wake to toss you about when you're tired.

    (Incidentally, for our younger readers, note the correct use of the plural and then of the possessive of "ferry" and the appropriate positioning of the apostrophe in "you're". But I digress).

    If I really wanted to be picky I might say that nowhere before the race in the otherwise excellent preparation area could I find any actual race information - such as the course and when the different waves went off.

    But that would be churlish because otherwise the organisation was great, the course was very clearly marked, the freebies at the various stalls were excellent, the waves (of people) weren't too big, the waves in the water were mercifully non-existent after last week at Tama, the harbour was warm, the sun shone and the sharks slept.

    All in all a lovely day and a very pleasant (and full 2km - honest guv!!) swim. Thanks to all involved.

  8. PS

    I've just noticed you (Mr oceanswims) sign on as "os.c".

    Shouldn't that be "oc.s"?



  9. Hi Steve, The course wasn't posted anywhere for the Australia Day swim either and consequently a lot of us almost missed the dog-leg. Someone blobbed that it was on the web but I had registered weeks before and it's not a usual requirement that we memorise the course prior to race day. Apart from that, the organization for both swims was excellent and even though the course was clearly marked with buoys (no pesky waves up-ending them), I find a diagram on the day reassuring. Might print it out from the web next time and hope they don't change it on the day - J

  10. Love your post Steve Hall.
    Well done to Adam Wilson and team on an excellent smooth running event this year. Over the past 10 years this swim has grown to one of Sydney's favourites.
    From a swim organisers point of view, I expect this is not the easiest location to work with but we do appreciate being able to compete here, so a big thank you. Despite the forecourt of the Opera House being less than ideal this year, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the day ran like clockwork. Everyone I spoke to said they will be back next year.
    We had quite a few visitors from all over NSW (Forster and Newcastle areas particularly), also from interstate (a strong Melbourne contingent and even far north Queensland) and from overseas (NZ) this year which is always fun. Thanks to you all for making the effort and I'm so glad Sydney put her best face on for you! I do hope you all come back next year!

  11. Steve,
    Love ya work BUT
    You're dreamin'.

    NB: correct placement of apostrophes.

  12. Hear! hear! to Steve Hall's comments.
    Yes, a wonderful day on the Harbour with the splendid times achieved by all the cherry on the top!

  13. Steve HAll is correct , the 1km was long.....and comparing my time with the time for the winner, who is winning just about every swim he enters, what a gun!!!, I suspect the 1km was more like 3......

  14. Yup as others have said a good if slightly expensive swim. I guess you pay for the views.

    Highlights were the amazingly flat water after Tama-Cloey, and getting to sit between races at the top of the opera house steps in nothing but ones dickies, whilst not getting arrested for the privilege.

    Also, jagging 3rd in the 1km category after the real 3rd place stopped on the steps and refused to get on towards the timing mats was a particularly guilty highlight. He should have had me by two seconds, and in my defence I waited, and told him to start running, but he didn't seem to have the necessary gumption to proceed over the last ten metres.

    On the topic of mats too, the wet surface and non-sand underlay at a 90-degree turn just as people are gathering speed made for an interesting end to my 2k - did anyone else have fun here?

    Water quality was decent, although visibility was poor compared to any of the open beaches. I must say I recall Dawny-Cockatoo being similar, but that was after rain (?). Swimming towards the Opera House is also fun, but deceptive to judge finishing distances due to its sheer size.

    All in all a fun swim, thanks to those who put in the hard yards to get us out and back in within the spectacular shadow of the city and surrounding landmarks.

  15. I loved the swim and the setting, and next time I'll be sure to bring a picnic along and make a day of it.

    I took my time getting out of the water at the end and dawdled the final run - where were the timing mats?

    And I agree, definitely 2 km....

  16. And further up north of the border was the weekend warriors Tangalooma 2.4k around the wrecks. A glorious beautiful day, water temp was perfect! Swim was organized so well with transport to and from the island. The big red square buoys marking the swim could be seen for miles, as could the starfish and stingrays on the ocean floor. Then out of the corner of my eye I see the dreaded wettie! Don't get me wrong, If wearing a wettie gets you into this great sport then go for it, that goes for the few with pull buoys as well. But for all our times to be included together I don't believe that's an even playing field. It's assisted swimming. When will organizes start realizing this and timing categories appropriately.

  17. Rozanne and CharlieMarch 15, 2011 at 8:42 PM

    From Arthur Charles McConnell aka Cheeky Charlie
    For many years I have run past those taking part in this iconic swim and thought it wonderful but impossible for me.

    After having a hip replacement and needing to spend more time in the water I have been able to take part and complete the 1k swim.

    To those I might have pushed, punched or got in the way of. I would like to say thanks for the understanding and patience. To the organisers I also say thanks and as we all know from small beginnings big things grow. With your can do mind set I am sure this will one day be big on
    the things to do for tourists while they are touring Australia.

    From irritating Rozanne
    After doing this swim 5 years ago, I said never again as I felt so greasy and dirty afterwards. I guided Charlie in the Coogee swim earlier in the year in freezing conditions. I chose the harbour swim this year as I thought I would treat Charlie to calmer warmer waters.
    I had a great time guiding Charlie in the 1km swim and I then was lucky to be guided in the 2km swim by a guy in a red cossie. Apologies if you found me irritating. I did manicure my nails before the swim and tried not to tap you too many times. Thanks once again for getting me thru the swim in record time for me.
    Thanks also to the organisers, wonderful swim. Minor hiccup at the start with no chip for me for the 1km but this was easily corrected and I was given another one. I did see in the results my name was down twice in the 1km, once with 0 time.
    We will be back next year.

  18. Was it really 2km? That was my first ever ocean swim and I really enjoyed it, so it will not be my last!! Does anyone know if all place getter of each age group gets something, I didn't know I get a place till I get home and had a look on the net for my time. Thanks people

  19. Aquagirl,
    Thank you for your report on the Sydney Harbour swim and your swimming visit to Sydney. Love your enthusiasm !!

    We locals are sometimes a little blase' about all the organised oceanswims on offer in Sydney and choice of good swimming beaches.
    (Blase' meaning .. "Having one's sensibilities deadened by an excess of enjoyment")

  20. Richard,
    You are very lucky to be spoilt for choice. Our racing calendar consists of approx 37 swims for the season which see us travelleing from the border to well over the other side of the bay , hours away. Hence , the visit. I have certainly wet the appetite of many of my squad members, looks like a small invasion may occur next year. Look out!

  21. Aquagirl
    Sorry not to have met you at the Harbour Classic swim. I thoroughly enjoyed your account of the day and am very pleased that you had such a wonderful time. Suggest that as it is Lent you say a "Glory be" now that you have done the 2 swims!!

    As always, the organisers did an excellent job - this is always one of my favourite swims on the calendar and holds a special place in my heart as the first Sydney Harbour Classic 10 years ago was my very first ocean swim! It gets better every year. Thank you so much.

    Best wishes and happy swimming.


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