Friday, July 1, 2011

Mona Vale Coldstream consciousness

Car pool pick up Doctor Nuclear, fix all the world's problems before we arrive.
Swim in the ocean with no concrete walls.
Try a bit of hypoxic swimming around the course.
Car pool on way home, fill the car with a lot of IF ONLY I HAD
Epiphany this is the sport for the carbon free years.
The Peach Farmer
Ta Mona Vale surf club for a great day.
Glistenrr how was I to know you were lurking in the bushes for the honour of swimming last.


  1. good work dad, didnt make much sense
    not a peach farmer

  2. I'm enjoying your prose poetry, peach farmer.
    Wish I'd known that finishing last was a badge of honor. Reckon I could have come close on a couple of swims.
    Well done Mona vale sc, for running a relaxed and fun event out of season.

  3. Thank you to the organisers of the Mona Vale (not at all) Cold Water Classic. Another sensational swim held in clear warm water among the many fish and seaweeds swaying sinuously in the briny. I felt as if I was swimming in an aquarium. To those of you who have not done this swim thinking it will be too cold: put that thought aside. The water was warm and I even went back in again afterwards to swim through the seaweed and watch the fish. And no ... I did not wear a wetsuit, I swam newd.
    Loved the minestrone afterwards. A warm and delicious way to finish off a delightful winter's morning in Sydney! Only one complaint. I heard that there were whales nearby while we were swimming but I was too late to see any by the time I heard about them. Please organise them better next year!

  4. Richard,the last place is allways the most important, as the entire race sits on the shoulders of the last place getter.
    The Blossom thinning Peach Farmer.


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