Monday, October 24, 2011

Burleigh, Forries... Start to new season...

Two swims over the weekend -- Forresters Beach on the NSW Central Coast, and Burleigh Heads, on the Gold Coast. How did you like those swims? We've seen some tweets (from Trent Grimsey) and we've had an email about the long run out of the surf at Burleigh, which didn't please everybody. What did you think? Leave your response below...

Above, two of the legends of ocean swimming around Sydney, Big Arm Warrior Stephen De Lorenzo, and Lochie Hinds, head into the surf at Forresters. Thanks to Lochie's mum, Stephane, for the pics. It looked a grand day indeed at Forresters.

Tell us what you reckoned?


  1. A great start to my swim season at Forresters. Didn't need wet suits this time. Beautiful weather, warm water and great fish life. Could not resist doing both swims even though it was my first outdoor swim since end of the season at Byron. Well done to the organisers. Love the hand carved trophies. I have been getting them since 2007 and I am not even fast. If I tell too many people this there may be a better turnout.

  2. What a great event for its 3rd year. The day started at 7.00 am with ideal conditions. The 2km was first event with 5 wave starts, including Elites, then the 1km and finally Dash for Cash.

    I did the 2km event and reckon it was one of the nicest swims I have done. The water temperature was beautiful and a view of the ocean floor most of the way (could have been my lovely new goggles, but I don't think so), and not too choppy.

    The hardest bit was the 50m run up to the finish line. Not being a runner in any way shape or form, I hobbled up there like a little old lady gasping for breath and barely able to say my name.

    Other than that, the day was great. Excellent commentary and interviews with many finishers (who could speak) and the Elites gave great finishing performances in that run! Apparently about 450 competitors aged 10-77 years. Congratulations to the organizers and volunteers - I will be back next year for sure.

  3. Burleigh Heads: Saturday was windy with choppy conditions, rips, 'sweeps', you name it - and blue bottles as big as kids' party balloons washed up along the beach.

    Sunday dawned at 4.30am (get daylight savings ya mugs) to glorious weather. At 5am when I staggered into the glare, the surf was (as one of the swim's organiser's predicted the day before) 'flat as'.

    Janelle has summed up the swim to a T. The participants strolled up the beach to the start and the 2km swim started at 7am. The course was was beautiful. The 1km swim started after the 2km.

    I agree about the run up the beach, which seemed to take an eternity, though I prefer the term 'toddle' to 'hobble'.

    Overall: excellent value, highly recommended.

    PS: We discovered Commune on the highway at Burleigh - a funky cafe with an ethical (eco, fair trade) philosophy. Delicious food, laid-back vibe, great service. And there's a ping pong comp out the front on Sundays. What more could you want?

  4. Yes a beautiful day up at Forresters over a good honest distance for both swims. The varied currents too made it interesting in parts, especially on the return leg in from the back side of the reef.

    On the topic of hard slog too, well done to the sole competitor at the back of the field who battled it out in the long event to finish in two hours something, and to the organisers for letting him finish under his own steam.

    Such a nice atmosphere up there, so far away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, and well worth the day trip. Well-run and pleasant as always and the t-shirts even better than last year's - the perfect start to the season.

  5. Just a quick list.
    1. Check out that kid that one. I will watch him this season, amazing..
    2. Great atmospher.
    3. Great food and reasonable price.
    4. Too long beteen races.
    5. Nice people.
    6 Dont need another T Shirt.
    7. Beatiful beach.
    8. Last but not least . Thanks to the ambo from St Ives whom came off night duty to do water safety. Thanks
    9. Where was mr Oceanswims
    10. Bring on the next swim.!!!!!!!!

  6. It was a great day at Forresters. This is one of my most favourite swims. It was great to catch up with the whole tribe, even though a few were missing.
    The conditions were nearly perfect and it was again fantastically organised.
    Well done on fun filled day.
    It's good to be back!!!


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