Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wussie at Wamberal

Great day at Wamberal (Forresters Beach). Disappointing no ocean swim at Forries but Wamberal Lagoon swim was far better than expected.

No encounters with eels only some weed when my tow lead me off course. Just returned from holiday where I did a swim in the warm Mediterranean 29 degrees water and air same temperature. Not acclimatised to the cold waters. I was a wise woosie old lady and wore a wet suit. Well done to all who braved the cold water.

GPS showed 1.65 kms for short and 2.54 for long swims.

Great collecting hand carved wooden awards. They work well as bookends.
Rozanne Green


  1. No arguments about wetsuits today. The relaxed atmosphere and the cold 16c water meant that wettie-wearers and non-wetties swam together in harmony.

    This swim turned out good! Well improvised to run a safe swim on a day when the surf was unswimmable. Water in the lagoon was clean enough, if a little cold. Spectators could watch the whole race from the sandbank along the side of the lagoon. Very safe, never far from shore and shallow enough to stand up on parts of the course. Some good little challenges to keep it interesting - the cold water, the small turning bouys made you concentrate hard to swim straight, the headwind down the home strait kept your head down. And the finish line was a stick! Well done to the organisers. Could almost make the Wamberal Lagoon swim an annual event, there's only like 2 or 3 other swims a year on the central coast.

  2. Spot on, always a great way to start the season. Full credit to the organisers for getting a swim on despite the conditions, they're the cheeriest folk round too. Highlights as already mentioned were the branch stuck in the sand as the finish and the $2 sangers - I ended up having three. Top marks.

  3. Hmmm.. No sangers left for me by the time I was home and hosed. Thanks greedy Crab. But the kindly volunteer on the sanger stand saw my disappointment and fired up the BBQ again to cook my personal order. Great service!


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