Monday, January 19, 2009

Mona Vale, Portsea, Marion, Perth ...

Well, how did you go on the weekend? Swims all around Stray'a ... tell us what you thought ...


  1. Not as good as last week.

  2. Beautiful day at Mona Vale. Breaks both ends were a little bit of fun, felt like the first 'ocean swim' of the season, the rest have been so flat!

    Could have done with a couple more buoys along the course, heaps of swimmers came in too close to the beach and a fair few didn't bother going around the buoys at all.

  3. I'm currently the towel boy / bag carrier / support team side of the equation (at least until Feb 1st), but my g/f took out first overall in the Warriewood-Mona Vale swim on Sunday so it was a great weekend.

  4. It was awesome to see Jacqui Robinson take out 1st overall this weekend at Monavale, beating out guys in their 20s - what an inspirational swim from an amazing athlete! It was especially encouraging for an over 30 female like myself

  5. Warriewood-Mona was wonderfull. . . beautiful conditions, heaps of competitors and that run up the beach was pretty nice. . . Great to have the large clock to see what time you did. .
    Catering was lovely, and awesoem for pittwater council to put on free parkign till at least 1pm at Warriewood and Mona, Well done to both.

  6. Enjoyed the Mona Vale swim, got a bit lost between buoys and in fact not sure if I cut one quite by accident, saw swimmers further out than me. But I was in a crowd so wasnt the only one. Slightly annoying to have to queue for 10 mins to hand in my ticket for the 35-39's, then when I finally got to the drinks discovered none left and the fruit was almost all gone. perils of being in the last wave I guess! That said, I really enjoyed the swim it was a great day and the bbq was yummy.

  7. hope every one enjoyed the Warriewood to mona vale swim. Im lloking for any feed back on ways to enjoy to improve the swim and will check the blogs. I am also happy to receive any feedback via my email which is listed on the swim link

    jon - Swim organiser

  8. Is warriewood mona vale the seasons best value swim, Free parking, Free shuttle, fruit, drink, friendly atmosphere and third place, all for $25.00. Thankyou to the organisers.
    Navigating,pick a landmark, I was amazed at how many swimmers, swam 1.7 to 1.9 Klms.
    Regards Peter Mccrae

  9. Mona Vale had it all. Well organised, friendly officials and safety staff, destination swim, small runout at start, incredibly clear water, beautiful beaches, $25 entry fee and it's not run by Fairfax!

  10. Mona Vale - The marker buoys could have been a bit more frequent - although if you lined up with headland after the first buoy you couldn't go that wrong.

    Beautiful , beautiful clear water, a joy to swim in.

    Tip to organisers - give the punters drinks just after they have crossed the line, it's thirsty work swimming!

  11. Is Sydney ever going to have a swell again? Rayban, Goings and Serial swam to the first buoy and took a bearing off the headland for the last turning buoy. I swam the whole way with nobody, shaved the middle guide buoy and hit the last buoy. For the all of the swim leg there was a curved line of swimmers 100 to 300 meters inshore of the rum line. Ta to Mr Rayban who insisted we take a landmark bearing.

    I have read through the season in bleedback, blog an increasing whingeing for more assistance, I hope we don't get to the stage that a lane rope has to be stretched from start to finish.

    Serialy, Peter

  12. Does anybody know what was going on with the yellow ribbons at Portsea? I saw about 10 people who had a yellow ribbon tied around their leg/arm/neck etc - you can actually see some of them in the pics from the swim.

    Any clues?

    James Bennett

  13. Great swim at Portsea. Lots of freebies as well. The last turn around the pier is sensational. Only downside was the boats between the start and the 1st turn.

    Mark Davey


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