Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where have all the blueys gone?

In recent emailouts, we've posed the question: where have all the blueys gone?

Generally, by this time of the season, we've had a couple of bluebottle plagues, casualties and whingers all over the place. This season, however, apart from two dead'uns we saw on the beach at Queenscliff the Sunday before Xmas, we have see nothing.


Surely some people have had bluey experiences. But we're not amongst them. What would ocean swimming be without our fear of blueys, that at any point, on any stroke, we could suddenly feel that searing, piercing pain shoot through our nervous systems. Doesn't bother us, of course. We're men.


  1. I live at North Bondi and have had a few encounters with blueys in December 08.

    On the weekend of 20th and 21st December, there were blue bottles washed up on shore and my boyfriend was stung in the water whilst surfing (he was stung on both wrists and the ankle).

    We also spotted a couple washed up on the beach yesterday.


    Lauren Gilder

  2. As a laydee, I am compulsorily terrified of all creatures, including blueys. I am still feeling the pain of the Dee Why swim last year.
    Our troupe saw a few blueys when swimming Manly to Queenscliff last Sat morning (2 Jan)... mostly in the wave zone and dead on the shore. Thanks to the surfers who we passed for the tip off!
    They also managed to infiltrate the rock pool at South Curly in the afternoon but were quickly plucked out.
    Hoping they stay away from Avalon this weekend!!


  3. Interesting. We haven't had any stingers over here (Perth) this season either.

  4. Is it true there has been a massive infestation of blueys in the Southern corner at Palm Beach all week?

    Michelle Heeks

  5. Theyre being eaten by all the sharks :)


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