Monday, April 13, 2009

Paddlers, escort boats for Coogee-Bondi, South Head ...

A number of swimmers have contacted looking for help in finding escort paddlers for Coogee-Bondi on April 26, and escort boats for the South Head Roughwater on May 17. We will post their messages here, and if you can help, please respond.

If you post a request, please remember to include your email and/or phone contacts.

South Head organiser John Fallon has a number of options to help with escort boats for that swim. Watch the South Head listing on the NSW calendar for more info ...


  1. After a season of Ocean swim racing I am keen to finish off with some of the bigger swims – in particular the Coogee-Bondi 5km swim on 26 April and the South Head Roughwater 10km on 17 May BUT I am struggling to find support paddlers and a motor boat (for the roughwater). Do you have any suggestions?

    Kind regards

    Andrew Metcalfe

    Mobile: 0418 418 980

  2. I'm also looking for an escort boat for the South Head Roughwater.
    Having trained up for the (cancelled) Bridge to Beach, I don't want to let this seasons training go to waste!
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Shannon Wolfers
    Mobile: 0413 185 990

  3. I am looking for a support paddler for the Coogee-Bondi swim. I've been training for this all season and have done a couple of open water swims. Will really appreciate any help.
    Dineish N
    0423 777 498

  4. Hi all paddlers and friends of paddlers!

    I too need a paddler for the Coogee-Bondi swim on the 26th.

    If you or someone you know would be interested in escorting a good swimmer for this race then please let me know


    0422 950120

  5. I would like to give Coogee-Bondi a go but being based at Wauchope I don't know many people in the city.
    If anyone feels like going for a paddle on the 26th I would love to hear from you.

    Gary Gilbert

  6. I am looking for a support paddler for the Coogee-Bondi swim on 26/4. I've done most of the open water swims this season so am ready to go. Appreciate any help.

    Kip O'Brien

  7. I am likewise keen to finish off the season with the Coogee-Bondi swim but need a paddler. Any offers gratefully accepted!

    Matthew England

  8. Anyone out there who wants to paddle for Lochie Hinds. Should only take him about one hour 10 mins + _ currents. Please call 0433 599 029. Ranked 7th overall and 3rd U 20. Competant swimmer. PLEASE HELP.

  9. Hi, I'd also like to find a paddler to do the Coogee to Bondi. I could possibly even supply the kayak (but would need to confirm that).
    Four people I've already asked are away this weekend, and I've got messages waiting for another 3 people. But seems I might need to cast my net even further.

    Please call me if your interested,
    Cheers, Monique Unger
    m) 0416 1414 99; e)

  10. Looking for a paddler also to swim this great race. Competent swimmer however not in the top ten. Slab of beer for the right person.

    dean 0433373079

  11. South Head Roughwater Swim - Possible boat escorts - swimmers could try contacting the following contacts
    Sydney Harbour Escapes
    Rose Bay Marina
    594 New South Head Rd,
    Rose Bay. NSW 2029
    PH 02 9328 4748 or 02 93284537
    Situated at Rose Bay Marina, below the famous Pier Restaurant, about 100 m past the yellow painted Rose Bay Police Station, coming from the city side.
    Ask Dom if he can supply a boat captain as well - he did this a for a swimmer in 2008

    or another possibility is Boab Boat hire

  12. Hi,
    I'm looking for a boat for the South Head swim. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

    Also, the numbers listed for Sydney Harbour Escapes don't work.

    0434 318 313

  13. I am a board paddler based on the northern beaches and have been an escort for the womens lead swimmer in the 10 km Cole Classic last season. I will be competing in the 2.8 km ocean swim at North Steyne tomorrow and I am happy to help. or 0403 941 877
    As a surf club member we have our presentation day tomoroww afternoon so will ask around if more needed.

  14. Hi
    Luke here, i am searching for a boat escort for the bondi to watsons bay swim. Please contact me on 0405 444 311 if you can help. Would like to offer my personal training services for the person who is kind enough to help me.

  15. try the Bondi Surf Club if your looking for a boat support, I'm a Kiwi and are flying over again to take part this year 2010. The surf club help me out a couple of years ago and are again this year, you do need to make a donation to the surf club, but hey they deserve it.

  16. Hi I am also looking for a boat escort for this swim. I can supply lots of beer and a captains hat for anyone that can help.



    0433 819 514

  17. Is this string still current?

    I'm looking for a boat and captain for South Head Roughwater this Sunday. Any takers?


  18. Hi - I'm looking for a boat (& captain ideally) for the Southhead Roughwater this weekend. I've done all the training and now last minute by boat/driver have pulled out.
    Anybody who may be able to assist please contact me on or 0405 615 826.
    Happy to make a donation to surf club/individual in return for assistance

  19. Well it seems I'm not the only one, just the last in the line. Dang. Am also looking for a boat and/or captain for the South Head Roughwater. The and/or is because I have a possible skipper, but said skipper doesn't know about the predicted SE swell yet. Donation of cash/beveridge of choice to whomsoever is keen enough to take me on. Glenn 0422 003 017.

  20. I have been following the weather forecast to get a sense of the predicted conditions. Looks like a moderate southerly wind (12 mph) and southerly swell. Better than a northerly I guess.
    How do you interpret the forecasts?

  21. Any news on whether the swim might be cancelled if the seas do not drop ?

  22. If you think that this swim will be held on Sunday you are going to be disappointed. The swim should be postponed before all the boats turn up at Bondi beach. Or on Bondi beach.

  23. I think it will be held on Sunday and I won't be disappointed!

  24. No lap swimming conditions this year, finally a real ocean swim!

  25. What a great event - I had the pleasure of being boat skipper for 14yr old Lachie Hinds. He hit turning point one in 2nd place and stayed there for most of the race only succumbing to one team of swimmers at the 8k mark and the third place solo swimmer whom he battled out the finish with only to succumb close to home. 3rd solo swimmer home outright after this gruelling swim was a fantastic result for Lachie. Big seas, currents and a cold morning start was contrasted by a very warm reception from the great crowd at the Vaucluse yacht club finish line. Congratulations to John Fallon and team and all swimmers and supporters. It was a great day out. Oh and major Kudos to the first home Ryan Huckle who we stayed in touch with for over half the event but who finally powered away on a NE course away from the cliffs and then turned through Sth Head 400M in front of us. Hope to see you all next year.

  26. Looking for a support boat special rates for rough water swimmers - see


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