Tuesday, May 11, 2010

End of season mooching...

1. Can the sport of oceanswims settle on the one colour cap for age groups as I do not want to go home and throw out 20 to 30 caps a year. For us tragics I would rather buy my own to fit my big melon?

2. Can there be a Family entry fee and a pensioners or over 65 year entry fee?

2. Can the oceanswims lose their purple cone buoys? Swimming around looking for purple buoys is a time waster?

Peter McCrae

PS Congratulations to Don Boland for a mighty effort this year.


  1. I'm with you, Magoo
    Some of the tiny caps handed out at swims this year hurt my brain
    The multi-colours are all part of the fun and pageantry of ocean swimming though. Like a box of chocolates
    "What am I going to do with all my swimming caps?"
    No idea yet
    Any suggestions?

  2. I agree about the tight caps but not about the colours - I couldn't bear to get the same colour every time. I love the way ocean swimming is seasonal - just when I'm starting to take the small joys for granted, the season ends. By the time the Coogee swim comes around at the end of this year, I'll be dying to get out of the pool and back in the briny for those long, sun-drenched swims.

  3. re swimming caps
    ''one size fits all''not.
    when your lucky enough to have a floatation device stuck on top of
    your shoulders as i have, you'd think the sponsors would supply a cuppla decent size caps so their logos dont get all distorted ,seems like a massive waste of advertising space to me.
    Thanks to everyone i bumped into, swam over or got in your way during the latter part of the ocean swim season everyone
    of you are so special as you make it possible for me to swim long distances in the shark pool, without you all i'd be to paranoid.
    Mollymook crew are off down the road to Narooma this Sundee
    for a little swim out to sea from the bridge.nice
    Thanks again, see you all for a cold water swim june 20th at mona
    Regards boofhead bettsey

  4. Can they recycle swim caps ? we could all bring along our old caps an throw them in the recycle bin. It could even be a draw card for the final swim of the season, a great chance to off load the caps from that season.

    We could even bring them all to the Harbour swim, line them up on the Opera house steps and call it "Art".

  5. I have an excellent collection of caps that remind me of all of the fantastic places I've swum over the years. They serve as great momentos.

  6. Echo your comments on Don Boland - a great effort from an outstanding ocean swimmer and a good bloke. Congratulations Don.


  7. I give my spare swimming caps to members of my swimming squad and various friends who swim in the pool but not the ocean. They love the colours and not having to buy new caps.

    Congratulations to "old" Don Boland - a great competitor who always gives his best to the sport. Enjoy your trip to the Dardanelles. You deserve it.


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