Sunday, May 16, 2010

South Head Roughwater...

Lovely day at Watsons Bay today, watching the peloton dribble in from South Head.

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  1. Lovely day at Watsons Bay it certainly was....swimming to Watsons Bay, it certainly was not. A real test of physical and mental strength, it was like running a marathon up an escalator thats moving down.
    On another note....did I swim along side a naked team at one point?

  2. Well done to anyone who swam yesterday
    I wouldn't have dared to start in those conditions
    Maybe I'll get it next year
    If there is a gentle swell
    and the wind be at my back

  3. Thanks Mr Fallon

    Well done too all the swimmer.

    Thanks too all the support Crew.

    Fantastic swim by Lochie the 14 year old.

    Cant wait for next year.

    Best swim of the year.

    Great food, great drinks, great stories.

    See you all next season.

  4. An amazing accomplishment. Congratulations to those who did it. Awesome.

  5. Are there going to be results posted, I was wondering how it would pan out considering how many were told to boat it to the harbour because of the currents.
    We had a great day in very challenging conditions, and will be a little disappointed if we are recorded as did not finish. We boated about 1km (not by choice) and swam the whole way from the heads on. I hope the amount of people made to hurry it along will be taken into consideration...


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