Monday, October 25, 2010

Burleigh Forresters get season moving...

We went to Forresters on Sat'dee... a luvverly, low key way to get into the ocean swimming season... water cool (c. 18C), a feisty nor'-east breeze and chop.. I's a swim hidden away from the world, down steep stairs set into the sand hills... if you didn't know it was there, you'd miss it. But what a pretty swim! The entire distance over reef, often very shallow, including behind the island that forms this swim's heart. Very noice, too, to meet new ocean swimming cobbers with whom we've exchanged emails over the years, Liz and Col amongst you... Thanks for talking to us. No-one else does...

On Sundee, mugs on the Gold Coast turned out at Burleigh Heads for the annual Battle of Burleigh which, when we were young boaties, back in the 70s, was a reference to a drunken brawl that some of our boatie friends had after the Stray'an surf life saving champeenships at Burleigh in 1973. Zipper and Mad Eyes still talk of the Battle of Burleigh with reverence. Different reference now, of course...

We'll have a more complete report up soon re Forresters, and our good friend and reformed water poloist, Roger Muspratt, has promised us some words on Burleigh later on Mondee. "As the sun rose slowly in the east  (take in wire services)..,." Roger wrote on Sundee evening, to our daytime, weekday email address, so we didn't get it until arriving at work at 5am (4am Qld time). "Revived that one from 1973," he said. "More to come. Monday. Honest. Beautiful day though. Burleigh at its best."

We hadn't realised Roger had been part of the '73 action. We wonder whether he knows Zipper and Mad Eyes...?

Results are online now from both Burleigh and Palm Beach, in Sydney last weekend, Sat'dee, October 16. Check the Stop Press box on the os.c home page...

And tell us what you thought....


  1. What a great way to spend a day. The Forresters Beach Island Swim was a great way to shake of the winter coat and have a splash. The swim is a memorial to David "Coke" Ward, one of the boardrider's cobbers who died of cancer (as I understand from others). Apart from the swims (a new 3km swim added this year), there's a board paddle around the reef/island so between swims you can sit back, enjoy the company and watch as the Forries crew race short boards and mals.

    And you may say the water is cold this time of year. Ba Humbug! Nice temperature; although what seemed like benign conditions, proved challenging swimming into a northerly chop, with a southerly sweep (good for the return journey).

    It is a challenge to attract people to swims mid-Spring, but next year, I recommend one and all to join in this event - you will enjoy.

  2. What a sensational swim Forries was. This is the first time I have ever competed in this event and totally recommend it. The swim was spectacular right over the top of a reef.

    Thanks for those that organised. Lets hope that we can make this event even bigger next year.

    Looking forward to another great year of Ocean Swims :-)

    Kristen O'Brien

  3. Good report from Burleigh, Rog.
    I enjoyed those swims last year.
    Good to hear the registration went so smoothly and that pesky inshore buoy was taken out.
    See you at the BBQ at Dawny next month.

  4. Gee - the 3km times were fast! I think we have a large bunch of Olympians here. Sorry I missed the swim as it sounded like lots of fun but I could not be in 2 places at once.


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