Saturday, October 30, 2010

Narrafun at Narrabeen...

Nice new swim at Narrabeen this am... Water was good, not as cool as we expected, brisk nor'-easter and nor'-easterly swell pushed the water southwards along the beach. Not a big swell, but it had some power crashing onto those banks. Long run out at the end, though, up the beach, across the beach, and up the race to the surf club's front lawn had us wondering whether this was a swim or a run.

The Narrabeen club ran the swim very well, particularly for a first time swim. Results available on the beach and preso done, it seemed, within minutes of last mug finishing. Good effort for this club. We weren't sure of the circuit off the wide open beach, but all in all it was noice. Lots of banks, gutters, rips, holes, dumps to contend with. Lots of fun.

Brickbats, however, to the swimmer on the tail end of the leading pack in the blue-caps wave (over 40s) who deliberately cut the booee by five metres. Can't believe people do that. But we got you on video, sport... we just hope your friends can identify you from the footage. Watch for our report coming soon.

But what did you think...


  1. I agree - really well organised and very friendly. The second half of the swim was certainly much more challenging that the first half. And the hardest part of the whole race was that run up the beach!

  2. I don't know if it was because it was my first swim of the season and it was cold but I found it very challenging. As a tail ender (perhaps the tailend) I was gratefull to the lifesaver on a board who showed me the way as the swell made it hard to see the buoys. Great to have some early season swims!

  3. I agree that it was really hard to see the buoys. A nice local told me which building to spot on the horizon on my way south, which helped. So thanks friendly local in the over 40's group.

  4. For a inaugural swim, Narrabeen did a most excellent job. Everything was well set out, and everything ran like clockwork. Of course, you can never have enough buoys, and I am sure that is a lesson learnt. But despite that, the swim is faultless.

    Great effort.

  5. What a splendid day out, the first of the season that felt like a real ocean swim. And what a morning for it too. Thanks to Narra for putting on a solid affair - and for playing the full distance.

    Chatting with the one of the organisers at the end was a particular highlight, to see the care and effort that goes into these events, while we just turn up and eat all the sossiges at the end.

  6. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped out at Coogee on the weekend.
    I was one of the crowd wrapped in space blankets with an oxygen mask on after the race and I’m seriously appreciative of everyone’s help. Between hot showers and warm drinks all the volunteers did a sensational job of dealing with a tough day.


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