Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tour of Booees, Pier to Perignon, Rotto, et al...

We hear everyone had fun at the Pier to Perignon, particularly in the vanilla slice shop at Sorrento afterwards. Rotto was hot, glorious, but slow. People so far are positive about Long Reef, except for @_Perama who turned up first at Freshwater and wondered why there was no swim in evidence.

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  1. First time at Long Reef, great swim and will be back next year (hopefully on a clearer day when the reef is more visable). A tip to the organisers - best to have competitors tags/caps in an envelope and in alphabetical order. It was not ideal for someone to be sorting through hundreds of tags trying to find the right number to hand to a competitor. The confusion led to several swimmers being given incorrect cap colours, which could have caused problems for the timing. Even with the calamity at the rego tent, was a well run swim and plenty of fun.

  2. Some results would be good for the longy

  3. I loved checking out the Babewatch Team!!! Nothing like a bit of eye candy to quell those pre race nerves!!

  4. Long Reef was a lovely swim. It would be good to see some results soon as unless your first you don't really know how you went. I thought that the electronic timimg made resulting the event pretty easy ? But perhaps not.

  5. ah yes i thought it was odd that i seemed to have been caught by a few black caps who had apparently started 10 mins behind me but were swimming at the same speed as me. thank-you anonymous #1 for explaining that. loved the swim, water was great. yeah, guess the babewatch guys are ok but when you get to my age a person's looks are so irrelevant. we're all pink on the inside aren't we? do respect what the babewatch guys are doing though.
    liz hill

  6. Does anyone know how I can get long reef swim results ?

  7. This was a very enjoyable swim. Scale was intimate, mood was relaxed and course was very different to the normal beach sandscapes. Parking was a bit tricky for first-timers coming from the south but at least some of us expect to be better informed for a return next year.
    Organisation at the clubhouse and on the beach was friendly and good even if distribution of tags/caps a bit fractured.
    As an old git I always enjoy the starts where we are sent off in the middle of the field (the satisfaction of passing some of the slow youngsters followed by the reality check when leaders of the back markers power past in the final few hundred metres).
    Sad that the public address system was such a dud and hampered the start arrangements - can't Bronnie come to the rescue with a grant?
    Monday night and no results posted. Were the chips linked to the PA system.

  8. Loved the swim at Long Reef. Will go again.

    Not impressed by parking ticket. Thought was parking in a grassy paddock, didn't see any sign on gate, assumed it was free, like Newport, Palmy, etc, silly me. Will park on street next time.

    Anyone else get stung or am I the only bunny?

  9. Just a reminder - I know this has been pointed out in the past but at the risk of repeating information many of you already know. os.c posts the results as soon as the clubs send them to him.
    No amount of post asking for results can make it happen faster. The amount of time this takes, varies from swim to swim. Many swim organisers are so exhausted after swim day and have to get back to their regular jobs that have been neglected in the preceding weeks to the swim, that sending through the results takes a lower priority.
    os.c has no control over this and just so you all know, posts them what ever time of day he gets them. This can result in him getting less than 3 hours sleep prior to starting his regular job.

  10. My very first ocean swim at Long Reef on Sunday, it was fantastic, i can see how people become addicted to doing these swims. I live in Adelaide & will be looking to do some more in the future. Thanks for a great experience.... :)

  11. Well said Mrs Sparkle. Mr Os.c does a mighty fine job. But Doug Lucas has said over on the Forum that results will be up once Paul is back from WA, and that may be causing a bit of confusion amongst the punters.

    As for me, I don't really care - these swims run on oodles of volunteer time (or people who are not being paid very much), we all do it for the fun of it, and hey, I'm kinda enjoying the suspense....!

  12. I don't think anyone is blaming os.c for the failure
    to post results from the longy swim. It just appears that the surf club has been lazy in putting the results on it website. With the electonic timers it really should not take to much effort to post on the same day as the swim. Disappointing effort
    after a great swim.

  13. A great swim and a uniquely picturesque location. I suppose the organisers comes from a background of saving lives - not from mooching about in the airless cyber world?

  14. What a great couple of Sundays we have had, after the kerfuffle of The Cole. It is great to see our entry fees going to charities or the surf clubs as a result of volunteers hard work.
    I know Long Reef does not have the water cooler kudos of the bigger swims but, it was a beauty.
    It is my understanding that there was trouble with the results as they had so many late entries. But it is worth noting that the fastest chick on day came from the 45-50 age group.
    One regular oceanswimmer had a serene drive to and from the beach for a change.
    Mr August 2009

  15. Yeah certainly a laid-back swim and relaxed venue.
    Although some swimmers might have been cursing on the drive home, after their parting "gift" from a parking inspector.
    I noticed a few of the familiar little white tags on windscreens as I was leaving.

    Perhaps a warning might be in order next year. Some drivers from the big smoke may not be aware of the quaint customs of some of the northern beaches. Like there's not always free parking for an ocean swim, and you have to buy a ticket to park on the grass.
    Nice one, Warringah Council.
    Not necessary for this mug swimmer though. I was on to their nationalist socialist parking rangers from way back.

  16. I don't often blog but I have to throw in my 2 cents worth about the Long Reef swim. I personally had a great swim. After having missed it last year (on both occasions – tsunami & scheduling conflict) I am glad to have been afforded the opportunity to do this wonderful swim.

    Those who know me will be aware that I get distracted by the ocean floor and its inhabitants and Sunday was definitely a great example. Lots of beautiful reef and sea creatures to look at. I also loved the laid back relaxed feel to this swim - it was a nice change to the testosterone filled atmosphere of some of the "bigger" swims on the calendar.

    And yes, the PA system was a bit hit and miss but if you went down to the beach on time and stopped chatting to your friends for 2 minutes you were able to hear the race brief just fine.

    Thank you Long Reef for a great swim which I will definitely be attending again.

    P.S. If you are that worried about your times - invest in a waterproof watch with a stop watch feature! They provide instant gratification to the time conscious swimmer.

  17. Good swim, nice being able to touch the reef - although the breakers were fun - I heard of people being dumped by at times onto the pointy bits.

    Out of interest there was definitely an announcement (while the loudspeaker was working) at about 10:15 that Warringah council had refused to waive parking fees - a friend had to move his car just before the swim.

    This happens at enough swims that it's a good rule not to assume the council will exercise any discretion unless specifically advised otherwise - it's always well-publicised on the entry if parking is free.

  18. RealDeal_Cat - it's not my time alone I'm worried about, but who I beat and didn't beat that provides the most interest from every swim? :)

  19. Have no problem with paying for parking, if that's the gig. They should just make it clear. No sign on gate, not good enough. Loudspeaker announcement at 10:15, didn't hear it. Thanks to surf club for trying but not good enough from Council. Suspect their rangers had one helluva good time on the day but think will see them in court.

  20. There's a massive sign on the gate and at multiple spots inside the parking lot, which goes along the lines of:


    I hate to say it, but I don't like your chances going in front of a magistrate on the basis that limited numbers of (other) councils have granted temporary parking exemptions for their local swims?

  21. Rotto Swim: I didn't swim it this year (but am vowing to be there next year by hook or by crook), but as a NSW swimmer way of course, was on the beach to welcome a friend who did her first solo swim and made it. What a glorious swim - relatively calm conditions, only a short wait treading water while a tanker crossed the course (apparently) and very very organised. Great to see so many people doing it, finishing with big smiles, and a big party on the island at the end of it all. 2012 here I come!


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