Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big weekend all over...

What a big weekend for swims all over the place... In NSW, Woy Woy Swimming Club had their first swim at Umina on Saturday, then two swims on Sundee, at Balmain -- the Dawny swim -- and at Cronulla, the Cook Classic.
We were at Hamilton Island for the Whitehaven Beach Swim. Luvverly day out, glorious weather all 'round, and some very noice water. We saw some triffic tweets from mug swimmers at Dawny, and there was a good report from Cronulla, too. And Whitehaven was just a noice day out. No trouble from the weather.
Tell us what you thought, and complete our swimmer feedback surveys on each of these swims (links on the home page)...


  1. Nice weather at Balmain, shame they did not use some of the money for good timing. Poor effort...Swimmers who are going to wear anthing but traditional swimnmers need to exclude themselves from prizes. Thanks for the free massage ( the best part of the day)...

  2. Dawny was a winner. We were in the water, tootsies dangling like bait, and off around the island before the sharks had time to sniff out our whereabouts.

    Afterwards we got the 'free' fry-up of bacon, eggs, sausage and salad on a roll, and for afters half a mango each. Does this make Dawny the best value swim at $35 for a self-guided tour of the finest harbour in the world, plus grub?

  3. Dawny very nice, if a couple of minutes slower than last year still a beautiful swim around the most esoteric course in Sydney. Well run with loads of pleasant folk (nevermind the two locals winning the raffle) and as advertised a treat to visit Darling St and the markets afterwards.

  4. Umina swim was a great value for money swim on Saturday. Felt really safe with the check in- check out system too. Cudos to the race organisers for putting on a good swim. those young fella's in the 5km race were fast!!

  5. well i was absolutely knackered last night afternoon such a big weekend of great swims!! could barely lift the rose-ay to my lips, my upper body was so tired.

    saturday was the 5km swim at umina - what a beautiful beach. lovely friendly bunch. i was worried about being too slow but was reassurred at the start to take as long as i needed and that they would wait for everyone to finish. i thought a 5x1km circuit would do my head in, but really enjoyed it. nice little group of girls in pretty swimmers clapped as i stumbled into the sand at the end - v sweet. thoroughly recommend it for next year if it runs again.

    sunday was my first go at the cockatoo island swim - loved it! would like to swim it more casually next time to appreciate the views. what a great spot. the post-swim bacon and egg roll, in REAL bread, was so good.

    so good to see lots of saturday swims now


  6. I ventured up the F3 to Umina and was rewarded with a delightful swim on a very beautiful beach. Plus it's the sort of beach where you can leave your bag and not worry about it. The friendly locals and volunteers, and efficient organisation made this a swim well worth travelling to. I was very impressed by the safety measures - I felt that they really cared about me - and will definitely go back next year, perhaps I will try the 5km swim next time although I am sure I will come last!! But someone has to ...
    Thank you Umina SLSC for a most enjoyable Saturday morning.

  7. Dawnie - what can I say? Such a pleasure and a privilege to swim around Cockatoo Island on a warm summer morning while surveying the purplicious splendour of the jacarandas around the harbour.
    Thanks to the organisers and volunteers who did their usual splendid job to run the swim and to the chefs on the barbie who created such tasty goodies to treat us afterwards! Thank you for another wonderful swim. Loved it.

  8. Looks like I was the only blobber at Cronulla. Were others worried the starter might block their landing on the beach? Great conditions and a friendly atmosphere. Parking seemed more complicated than at Northern and E Subs beaches. Recommend first timers allow extra time for this. I'll be ready if I get back in 2012 (as I hope to do). The event deserves a bigger following even if it clashes with the Dawnie.

  9. Umina Swim was great. $20 for 1km. Bargain! Great day for it and safety was very good. Easy parking as well. Any idea if the results are posted on the web anywhere?

  10. The Umina results are posted on the oceanswims website.


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