Thursday, January 26, 2012

National day for ocean swimming...

Lotsa swims all over the place on Stra'a Day. Much better way to mark the day than draping oneself in a flag and getting off your face. We arrived at Circular Quay railway station at 5:45am for the Sydney Harbour swim this morning, and already there were three youths, two boofheads and a young lady, blocking the stairway, topless -- the girl was clothed -- reeking of grog and wrapping the flag around their shoulders. Such a pity that the national day has to be hijacked and corrupted by this mob.

But we had a lovely swim in the harbour, the final of the four swims in the Great Stra'an Swim Series. Mind you, after all that rain, we came straight home, showered long and hard, gargled with Listerine, and we're about to flood our ears with Ear Clear, such was the state of the harbour.

Swims, too, in Newcastle Harbour, Hervey Bay, Lake Glenbawn, Mt Martha, Wollongong, Scarborough, Kingston Beach, Henley-Grange, Brighton and Williamstown. Burleigh Heads was cancelled. Or, the swim-run was, anyway.

Tell us about your Stra'a Day experiences... Don't restrict it to swimming, although it would be good if swimming was involved there somewhere.


  1. Hi Paul and all, it is embarrassing to see that sort of behaviour on Australia Day (your encounter at the station). I recall someone mentioning how the morons seem to crawl out from under their rocks on January 26 and, like you said, 'drape' themselves in the Australian flag... Ugly.

    Fortunately, my daughter and I didn't see any of that when we wandered around The Rocks after the swim and I felt proud to be an Aussie when this gorgeous Indian Australian boy handed us a couple of flags!

    To the swim! Firstly, I think we all beat Tony Abbott. I know, it's bad form to feel smug. But I can't help it.

    Secondly, I enjoyed the swim immensely and tried not to swallow any of the murky harbour water - failed. Will gargle red wine instead of Listerine.

    My only criticism is of the registration set-up. Why have A-K and L-Z rego? There were two long disorganised queues and I initially went to the wrong place and was sent to the end of the line. It took at least 30 minutes to pick up my timing device and cap.

    Next year the organisers might consider following the lead of the surf life savers, who have punters register in age groups.

    Otherwise, happy happy Australia Day.

  2. Not sure about everyone else but, I go to a swim to meet up with my friends, have a chat and swim. Everyone in my group, enjoys the race, some to get a place, others to beat each other, some known, some unknown, who are just names that appear in the results each week.

    Please let us have a chat after the race. Could all commentators SHUT THE F$%# UP!!! unless you have something to say.

    Sorry, that may be a bit strong, we all enjoy a commentatory if there is something to say. Otherwise let us enjoy the location and our friends.

    Next point, different age groups need different coloured caps; the registration queue were too long. Otherwise a great swim.

    Its always good to beat Tony Abbott.

  3. What a sad day when the Prime Minister is treated like that; whether you like her or not.
    Interesting that the all the News reports her being with Tony Abbott. So who did Shanye beat?

  4. OMG! An imposter in budgie smugglers! (I won't hog the comments after this)

  5. No I saw the leader of the opposition Tony Abbott getting mobbed by fellow swimmers and well-wishers at the Opera House yesterday.
    He shoulda stayed in Sydney.

  6. what a great day in Melbourne for the 3 swims on offer. Mt Martha had a cracker with it's first try at a 5km event - won overall by a woman, Ebony Ebenwaldner, in clear calm water. This event will really take off next year when it's opened up a bit. (restricted to 100 swimmers in the first year)
    As an official qualifying swim for national open water championships, it was a beauty.
    Record numbers for the nipper, 400 and MMAD 1.2km swim, made it a sensational day.

  7. First time I have swum in the MtMartha swim. Friendly day, great event. Best thing - all the water safety crew lined up at the end of all the swims and gave us swimmers a chance to thank them. What a fantastic idea!!! This should be done at all swims, so many great young volunteers that keep us safe and ON COURSE!

  8. Great swim on a great day, its a great way to start the day.
    Shame it was ruined by ?Wilson? Parking below the Opera House. We paid $15 flat rate last year which we thought was good. My wife noticed at the car park entrance it had inflated to $16 which we thought was reasonable but after a few drinks with friends we left at 12.30 and were hit with a $44 bill. The small print below the $16 said out after 3pm which we hadn't noticed. Felt totally ripped off. Organizers need to Negotiate with Opera House parking or publish this info on website before the day.


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