Sunday, January 8, 2012

A tale of three swims...

It was the biggest of swims; it was the smallest of swims... etc. Sat'dee saw a start contrast between the world's biggest ocean swim in terms of numbers, the Pier to Pub at Lorne in Victoria, and one of the smallest, the new Fingal Mile at Fingal Bay, north of Newcastle in NSW. One of the oldest of swims; and the youngest of swims...

Then today, another classic, the Roughwater at North Bondi, which offered swimming through half-set jelly, given the swarm of non-stinging jelly blubbers in the sea off Bondi. A lovely day, though, with all the colour and pageantry that Bondi does so well.

But what did you think?


  1. It was a far, far better swim than I have done before. It was a far, far further buoy that I was going to - the white one, out by Mckenzie's Point.

    The combination of a flat, warm, occasionally semi-solid ocean and an appreciably longer 2k than on previous, rougher North Bondi outings mad this a good but not dramatically challenging work out, for which I was greteful given my significant lack of training so far this season.

    To respond to os.c's non-rhetorical question (although I still think it should be oc.s') I don't know how I did, at least time-wise, as my name was inexplicably omitted from the results.

    Probably just as well in light of my pedestrian 44 minute or so effort (can you be pedestrian in a swim?).

    Bondi is always a nice venue and the swim was, as ever, well run by the friendly North Bondi SLSC people. The Resch's was tasty afterwards and Harris Farm's fruit welcome as usual. Thank you also to my other sponsors.

    But - through no fault of anyone, just the weather and conditions - it won't go down as a memorable swim. Everything was good, it was just missing that spark that a variety of factors - blazing sunshine, crystal clear waters, shoals of tropical fish, shark sightings, ravaging packs of bluebottles, raging seas, helicopter rescues - can bring to an ocean swim.

    No complaints on my part, I was happy just to make the distance in just my second (third if you count the 1km at Dawny) swim of the season off almost no training. Particularly as I was up at 5am to watch the magnificent Swindon Town knock premier league Wigan, three divisions above my one true football love, out of the FA Cup.

    In fact I'll be quite happy if the swims for the remainder of the season are similarly uneventful. Some of you bronzed Aussies may consider this unadventurous, but remember the ocean is more your natural environment, while we English spent our formative years on grassy fields honing the skills that have made us this millennia's leading cricket nation.

    Actually, there was one memorable event when someone in a green cap kicked me in the face rounding the buoy near Icebergs. I'm not accusing anyone - but Murray Welstead of Randwick is my favourite as the culprit, based on his finishing time. You're forgiven Murray, but I'm out to beat you next time.

  2. has anyone lost a container load of breast implants ? check north Bondi

  3. Another thing to look out for at the markers ... If like me, you swim wide at the buoys to avoid congestion, watch out for the paparazzo lurking outside the furtherest buoy at every ocean swim in Sydney. Do not make eye contact with him. Otherwise he will snap your photo for the website.

    I have to say the quality of photography on this weeks swims report is outstanding. Dave setting the scene with great shots of beach activities and the start, Oceanwims with the deepwater action, Sevadevi with engaging pics of swimmers faces, Chris with a some artsy shots on the beach.

  4. Totally stoked to be mentioned on Aquagirls report and to have made an connection after following the site for many years. Lorne was fantastic - there might have been 5,000 down there, but organisers made it feel like 500. Smooth and easygoing. Only thing missing was a bit of direction for the newbies as to how to get to the start and I missed the cheap community sausage sizzle. paid $8 for a tasteless gourmet burger.

  5. I think the jelly fish deserve to be included in the Bondi Roughwater swim photos - I know what they feel like but WHAT do they look like?

  6. Its better if you don't know!


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