Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another luvverly day on the harbour... Broulee, Tangalooma...

 Despite this week's rain, it was a luvvely day at the Harbour, yet again. How does this swim score so well? In 11 years, we recall only one day of rain -- it pelted down -- but otherwise, even if there were clouds around, the day would clear to give us Sydney in its glorious, autumn best. Gee, it was noice. Water wasn't the clearest, but it wasn't too bad considering the downfall on Thursdee.

Seemed noice down at Broulee, too. Tacoma Jim was our agent down there -- and took out the M40-49 category in the process: Good boy, yourself, Jim! -- and smsed us a couple of pics, which we tweeted. He couldn't tweet himself.

Results for both are on now.

Tangalooma had stingers, we see from Twitter.

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  1. I too love these Harbour swims. Well organised and with plenty of water safety positioned so as to keep us tracking in a somewhat orderly fashion between the buoys. And what about the two young girls taking care of the announcements and handing out the prizes, they were the icing on a very friendly cake.
    I’m curious about the accuracy of these swims, did anyone use a GPS? Either the 1k was long or I was slow, truth be known I was probably slow anyway. What about the 2k, was it short?

    1. Agreed - a great swim. I thought the 2km was short - perhaps somewhere near 1.8km judging on my time. But it was longer than last year!

  2. Shark harbour - wild ones,
    I don't see you, you don't see me.
    7 tagged bull sharks and 350 tagged swimmers
    sharing Sydney harbour.
    As the Manly ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay

  3. The rain stopped for Malabar, Freshwater and Sydney Harbour - then started again. Somebody up there is feeling kindly towards the ocean-swimming community.

    I love Richard's freestyle pome.


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