Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shark Island, DY, Bonbeach...

Mixed day in Sydney for Shark Island and DY, but it looked glorious in Melbourne, where Aquagirl swam at Bonbeach. Where did you swim? Tell us about it... click the comments button below...


  1. Shark Island Challenge is one of my favourite swims and this year was no exception. There was a bit of a swell and a bit of chop but it was fun swimming round the back of the island and being gently rocked back and forth by the swell. It was also beautiful and clear providing a nice distraction from the cold watching the fish and the swaying seaweed below (maybe that's why I felt a bit dizzy heading for the last buoy) but I do find it a shame that it's become such a commercial exercise. From logging on and finding out it's $45 each for the 2.3 km (for 2 of us that's an expensive day out) and then we had the option of donating to the club (I thought we just had) and there was also the option to buy a t-shirt or a cap (we declined).

    And what did we get for our $90? A bottle of water each. (However there was a bbq strategically placed near the changerooms and the aroma was certainly tempting but I believe this was an additional cost). As nice a swim as Shark Island is next year we might just give it a miss and go for a swim in the ocean... for free!

  2. I enjoyed this weeks swim reports on this web site. Sounds like there were good adventures to be had in Sydney. Either being temorarily lost at sea at Dee Why, or swimming OVER shark island with a one foot clearance in a 4 foot southerly swell.
    I like it how 2 people can have different experiences doing the same swim course.

    It reminds me of another of Confucius' teachings:
    Confucius always said Ocean Swimming was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.

  3. True Richard! That's what so fun about the swims..nothing is the same..and you never know what you get..even today I got an $88 dollar parking ticket from the Big Swim at the 29th of Jan :-)
    Big Surprise!


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