Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two towering escarpments...

 Two luvverly swims for us this weekend... Caves Beach on Sat'dee, Stanwell Park on Sundee. They're much alike in a way, in that both start beneath towering escarpments, then follow the cliff along a reef or reefs to beach finishes. Both spectacular swims, both in gentle, rolling swell.

Stanwell was notable for the wonderful sensation of surfing from Coalcliff to Stanwell Park, with the swell, the chop, the wind, and a very strong current all getting behind us and pushing us north. It was easily the most exciting and enjoyable swim of the season for us, running with that swell, feeling it pick us up and push us along. And every time we passed a booee, we really got a sense of how strong that push was: it was like we went past them in a car.

What did you think of your swims this weekend?


  1. Enjoyed the swim at Caves Beach. Superb weather, great conditions, and good company afterwards. Hope this swim grows in future years. Worth the short drive up from Sydney.

  2. Stanwell Park is a beautiful part of the word and today's conditions were perfect. A friend's goggles snapped just before the start and the 'MC' lent her a spare pair of goggles.

    The swim was tough (but that's just me) but good afterwards when I stood on the beach an exchanged swim (war) stories with another punter.

    Thumbs up.


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