Sunday, April 29, 2012

A swim of two days

South Curl Curl was a swim of two days: glorious, light autumn offshore breeze early holding up a sprightly swell, then changing rapidly to a brooding, blown out sou'-easterly that hit between the third and fourth waves leaving the beach. As we swam out, with the third wave, we still were diving under swells held up by the breeze. But by the time we reached the first turner, behind the break, it was blowing into our faces from down past South Head.

"That was a real ocean swim," said one punter, leaving the water at Freshwater.

"That was my favourite ocean swim of the year," said sometime os.c correspondent, Glenn Muir.

How was your swim?


  1. A huge thanks to the South Curly lifesavers. When it got a bit rough with the southerly, it was so reassuring to always have someone close by making sure everyone was ok. And as I went around the last bouy, the lifesaver there was shouting words of encouragement, which got me to the beach. Thanks South Curly SLSC, great job all round.

  2. What a refreshing change, after the disappointment of Wednesday's swim, to be lucky enough to swim in the South Curl Curl swim today. From start to finish the South Curly organisers and volunteers went out of their way to ensure that their swim was a success. The conditions became challenging after the southerly change, but the well marked course & helpful water safety crew ensured that it remained an enjoyable experience. The water safety crew were well placed and cared enough to make sure that everyone was kept on course. We had a nice encouraging welcome into Freshwater, plenty of refreshments and lots of smiles at the finish. It was great to walk back to the South Curly clubhouse, to be offered a free sausage sandwich, and to hear the sound of the Fukers playing before the presentation. The presentation was enjoyable with prizes for placegetters & age group placegetters. I really liked the random draw which ended with "if you swam and are listening, come up and get a prize".

    Great value all round for a $30 entry fee!

    Big thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and fellow swimmers for demonstrating how to run a successful, fun and friendly ocean swim.

    1. I couldn't agree more with Michael. I was in 2 minds whether to do the swim as I am not as fit as usual at the moment but finally decided to take part. So glad I did as it was a wonderful swim, run safely and efficiently. And the water safety was outstanding. I never felt alone out there in the rolling swells! Thank you so much for one of the best swims of the season. And a huge thank you to Mrs Sparkle for showing me the best way out through the break and the lovely SwimBikeKnit for swimming beside me all the way. Such Fun!!! This is the spirit of ocean swimming at its best.

  3. Well done South Curl Curl. In challenging conditions you excelled yourselves. Well placed buoys, plenty of water safety, after race refreshments and a friendly atmosphere before and after the race. I think this is what ocean swims are all about - supporting the surf club who can put on a great event - no matter what the conditons. It's been one of my favourites. See you next year.

  4. I had a splendid time, despite the difficulty streamlining. When it comes to streamlining into a headwind, I am just like a balloon animal, really. as opposed to, say, Christie, who is a marlin...

    Lovely swim indeed.

  5. fantastic swim today - such a great club!!! they know what they're doing and they make you feel welcome. what a ripper of a course!!! really enjoyed it, and i learnt that it's much easier to swim into chop and bump if you relax. so glad they were able to run this course - i think this may be my favourite too - along with forster of course!

  6. wonderfully enjoyable swim. The organisation was supberb and so well managed on the day. The starter did a really good job in the race brief and wave starts and made evryone feel very very welcome. The swim itself was very challenging and great fun really.

  7. I participated in the Curl Curl to freshwater yesterday and wanted to congratulate the Curl Curl organisers. I am relatively new to ocean swimming and have now completed 8 swims this season, and I thought the organisers did a fantastic job.

  8. What a great swim for the (almost) last swim of the season (and very similar conditions to the B2B at the start of the season too!) I found it quite tough going out and considered turning around and going back to the beach but then thought it would be just as difficult going back in so I persevered and I'm so glad I did! I loved it! I took it easy and felt nice and relaxed, there were plenty of lifesavers around, easy to spot the buoys (even in the swell), clear, warm water, lots of fish and no dumpers at Freshie (I was keeping an eye out for them) and a big cheer from the waiting crowd as we ran in! It was easy to find our bags on the beach, some nice refreshments, and then to make this swim even more special a free sausage sandwich back at Curly! Thanks South Curl Curl SLSC for a memorable swim experience!

  9. Challenging conditions (particularly for the boofheads and codgers who copped the worst of the southerly) but a great swim and another wonderful day at Curl Curl. Congratulations to the organisers. It is a swim where everything happens so seamlessly. Agree with all the positive comments on water safety, marking of the course etc.

    The most friendly and enjoyable swim on the circuit. Since its inception four years ago Curl Curl has consistently been the pre-eminent ocean swimming experience on the calendar. Thanks South Curly SLSC.

  10. A cracker. Genius. Lost for words. If they ran this swim every week, I would do it every week. Not just to get the free sanga, either. Fantastic.

  11. A ripper swim! It was quite an amazing experience going into head wind but always feeling safe and secure with the awesome presence of the South Curly SLSC. I'm really proud to be part of community club who know how to do things well.

  12. Great swim, swallowed plenty of water and really got slapped around by the chop but a good reminder to keep your head down and don't stop.
    I'm in the boofheads group and couldn't help noticing the younger groups had fluro on their caps, whereas we had some old white leftover caps from years past. Mixed in with the ocean's white caps I think they'd made the decision "if we need to sacrifice anyone then let the oldies go” and given the speed of the front runners in the boofhead class who would blame them.
    Great swim, well run, very well marked out, see you next year (or at Byron).


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