Monday, April 9, 2012

Luvverly autumn swimming...

We've had a luvverly couple of days over Easter. Pacific Palms on Easter Sundee, then Bondi on Easter Mondee (we apologise again to the folk at Nowra Culburra because we didn't, after all, get to their swim on Easter Sat'dee), and on both occasions we swam in the clearest water all season, and warm! Oh, but it was warm. Not just in comparison with the air, which was cool at Bondi early, later warming as the sun rose higher and the clouds cleared. It was some of the warmest water all season.

There was a little swell at both beaches to make the swims more interesting. Pacific Palms is a gentle beach as a rule, but it always has an abrupt dump which, as the swell rises, can become quite nasty. It's not a great beach for body surfing unless the tide is high.

There were just a couple of little blueys at both Pacific Palms and Bondi to add a zing to the swims, but they weren't great issues. Indeed, it was the first time in three years that we've been stung by blueys.

They were glorious swims.

A downer at Pacific Palms, however, was the tragedy after the swim, when the Pacific Palms surf club's Treasurer, Sandra Wilson (right), collapsed suddenly and died. Our thoughts are with Sandra's family and friends, and her club colleagues. They all are devastated by the loss.

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  1. Such a sad end to great day, best to all of the very friendly folk at PPSLC especially Pat and the girls that run the best swim of the year.

    Our thoughts to you,

    Moose Moore, Director, Bondi Icebergs


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