Monday, April 16, 2012

A busy weekend, indeed...

Here it is, Mondee night, and we're just back from Mollymook, which is why our reports will be up later than normal. Everything's behind by a day or so. We stayed down at Mollymook an extra night, and we're so glad we did. Mondee morn, we swam the golf course reef at Mollymook, in some of the season's best water, and some of the season's calmest conditions. It was soporific, gliding through the sea, watching the weed wafting back and forth below us in the swell, surging left, sucking right...

Then we had a cuppa at the Table of Knowledge - Mollymook's version of it, anyway, at the beach cafe overlooking the beach, basking in the gentle autumn, early morning sun, yarning with the locals. This is what we love about ocean swimming: it's the unstructured, informal swimming, the stuff that goes on every morning on every beach in a community, and the culcha afterwards over a cuppa.

How was your weekend? Where did you swim? How was it?


  1. What a corker.
    First time for me and it shoots straight to the top of the favourite swims and best clubs list.
    Any pics?
    And what happens with all these survey forms? Any way to see results, identify any themes?

  2. Coogee on Sunday was beautiful. It was one of the nicest swims of the season: clear, warm water, no chop or swell, lots of buoys, well organised, friendly volunteers and glorious sunshine and to top it all off I beat my partner by 1 second (yes!) and improved my time fom November's swim by almost 8 minutes (I did have a shocker that day). It's such a shame there's only a few more swims left in the season...

  3. Did both the 1 and 2.4km races at Coogee and both went off without a hitch. Blessed with some glorious swimming conditions and was particular impressed with the layout of the longer course. I may be wrong but I suspect the timing of the races might have been dovetailed on either side of the Anzac ceremony that was also taking place on the beach at the southern end. Hats off for that. If that was not the case I'm sure the organisers could squeeze the races a bit closer together ( from the 9-15am 1k start and 11-15am 2.4k start ). That aside a very well organised race with printed results available to gawk at almost immmediately.

  4. Today is so awful, it's hard to believe the weekend was perfect. Mollymook was beautiful and I appreciated the new addition of little guide 'buoys' that stopped swimmers from straying too wide of the three main buoys. Not that we really needed them last weekend because the conditions were flatter than Brad Pitt's abs. But you never know what the South Coast will throw up so I would highly recommend keeping them in storage for 2013.

  5. How good was the 2nd Coogee swim. Warm water, sunny day, calm conditions, friendly atmosphere. Great idea bookending the season so we can compare the cold, hypothermic spring swim with the warm, balmy autumn swim. 4 minutes faster for me this time. Buoys were plentiful and easy to spot. Swim start for 2.5km could have been an hour earlier and presentation would have been better on the beach straight after the event rather than in the clubhouse hours later with the football on all channels, too much noise and not a lot of people paying attention to the presentation. Nice towels and t-shirts for prizes. I've got red towel envy. I want one!


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