Sunday, March 29, 2009

South West Rocks, Balmoral ...

Epic swim at South West Rocks, where record numbers got out of gaol by swimming from the old prison at Trial Bay around the beach to the Boulders at South West Rocks ... occasionally bigger sets thumping on the beach, otherwise smooth conditions with a bit of rolling ... "deep water" start, each wave diving off a sandbank into a gutter ...

And how was Balmoral? Big numbers registered there, too...

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  1. First time at Balmoral Swim for me and I loved it!

    There was a bit of a debacle after a false start (race director pressed wrong button on the megaphone!!!) but after reorganising everyone we were sent off to perfect water condition and an easy to navigate course.

    Big turn out too and great coffee and breakfast afterwards with friends.

    Does anyone know when the results will be posted?

  2. Chill Out Rog the results are up. Just go into certificates.

    You know you are at Balmoral when its $5 for sausage sandwich. Take me back to the $2 sausage sandwich and free beer at Stanwell Park.

  3. Balmoral is heaven on a stick. Sparkling conditions, family atmosphere, neat and shiny people. And I swam with the lure of a freshly brewed coffee as my reward! Sadly, my time was still crap, but the caffeine hit was excellent.

  4. Swimming conditions near perfect for a open water swim at Balmoral. Organisation up to its usual high standards including tne thearte of a false start to get the blood pumping. I had the honour of escorting the last swimmer to the finish, who at one stage popped up and said 'I swim this for a bit of fun'. Summing up the day it was 'a bit of fun'.
    P Serial

  5. A sparkling day at Balmoral. Clear skies, clear water and a very nice temperature for ocean swimming. Not a bull shark in sight..

    However... to the lady who grabbed my foot and pulled me back 3 times just after the start of the race - how very dare you! Please read the Oceanswims etiquette guide and next time find your own patch of clear water!

    Thanks to the organisers for a great swim and I will be back next year (trying to avoid the foot grabber..)

  6. South West Rocks, Rocks!

    What a great day twas on Sunday. The threat of inclement weather hangin around just before the race, had evaporated before too long and glorious sunshine, light off shore winds, warm water and slight seas prevailed.

    The race: very well run, modestly priced, straight forward instructions, and an easily read course. Although there was a little trap for younger players in the form of an unforseen rip that took me slightly off course sideways when rounding the last buoy and providing a slight head current to swim against coming into the beach at the end.

    Even though twas my first time in this race, judging by the smiles on the faces of the organisers and volunteers, and the general conviviality of the atmosphere about the race I got the impression that the number of participants was up and that Huey was were smiling upon them this year. Congratulations to all involved. I for one will be back, and I'll give youz a good rap to anyone I find who hasn't been up for it yet.

    And the camaraderie: well as Mr OS.c states so eloquently, "it's all about the culcha." Thanks Mr O for organising the Satdy night dinner at The Riverside Tavern. His rousing speech, where he intruduced all us newboys-and-girls to Lord Ron of Riverside, extolling his and his fair Lady's efforts in organising the event over so many years. And Lord Ron's response, reciprocating praise on Mr O for standing up as such a cultural pillar of the Oceanswimming community; it brought a tear to me eye and a lump in me throat to be associated with such a great mob, even so newely and on the fringe. Twas a great evening, even though my wife and I had to make a relatively early departure on account of the slumberous requirements of our two young children. We would love to have stayed on chinwagging the night away.

    And as I said before, South West Rocks does Rock! A truly lovely location. Staying in a cabin at the Horshoe Bay Caravan Park; going to sleep and waking up to the meditative sound of rolling surf; the reminiscence of childhood holidays aplenty up the coast; midnight sleep interrupted by heavy rain storms battering the thin sheet metal clad cabin, an early morning stroll where everybody says g'day to each other, chatting to the "Grey Nomads" that proliferate the park in this day and age; walking with the kids from the cabin over some immaculatley kempt grass directly to the golden sand of the beach, like it's your own private piece of paradise; and then strolling directly from the beach to the main street of the village. Sorry Mr O, I should leave the pitcher postcard stuff to you coz you do it better and you'll probly have proper pitchers in it as well.

    I thought that making a three day weekend of it was plenty o time, but twas far too short. We'll be back for at least a week next year.

    David Love.

    P.S. I thought I might have started some trouble with my smartarse banter about the Bikies vs the sharks in the meeja with my two blob's worth last week; when the Gladiators MC turned up in all their thunderous pageantry to the Seabreeze Hotel, right in the centre of town on Satdy arvo. I didn't see any leather vests in the swimmin race the next day though.

  7. I'd prefer to hear more about how wonderful the Balmoral swim was and keep SWR a sweet secret.

  8. Now we can really see the relentless battle between Dave and Chris for the Hahn Super Dry title. I saw them talking at Stanwell Park, feigning a camaderie - but how do 2 swimmers leading a point score manage to deadheat without being a little competitive. I'd love to see the video of that race! Dave's got the slight margin but if he makes one mistake....

  9. Terry, there's a reason for the deadheat, which might become apparent, when Paul posts his report.
    Cheers, David Helsham


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