Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whitehaven a buzz...

The Byron Bay / White Haven Swim Party 2009 touring group will be returning for next year's event, with extras, we all had so much fun. The Island staff and event coordinators were very helpful to all competitors. This is what the Island does, manage events and very successfully.

Brunswick Heads' The Sportsmistress achieves a lifelong dream - being hugged by Peter "el Diablo" McCormick. Who's the other cove, on whose torso The Sportsmistress has scribbled hastily her phone, email and other contact details, as husband, Mr Lionel, is about to be put away for a few days for a knee replacement? Hey, it was Movember.

After a short ferry ride to White Haven, we alighted onto the beach to prepare for the swim and listen to the race briefing. Both the 750m and 2k started at the same time, with the 750m swimmers walking down the beach to line up with the far turning buoy, and commence their swim by rounding it and then swimming parallel to the beach to the last buoy and finish. For the 2k competitors it did not pay to be timid when rounding the first buoy, which was about 50m off shore, especially when there are seasoned triathletes amongst us. The field soon spread out. Overall male winner was Ky Hurst - 23:11 and female Kylee Muldoon 25:26.
The presentation dinner was enjoyed by all competitors, with generous prizes for the Overall and Age Group Winners.

Byron Bay touring team at Whitehaven Beach. They reckon they'll be back.

Byron Bay, Balmoral and North Sydney Masters were well represented and I am sure will be bring bigger contingents next year.
In the women's 50+, Byron Bay made a clean sweep with 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and last, 2nd last and 4th last, well represented at both ends. We all had fun.
Congratulations the Peter MacCormick, Balmoral, winner 50+. See you next year at White Haven.
Hamiltion Island Triathlon started very early on Sunday morning. Another exceptionally well run event. The Byron Bay Swim Party group were out in force, vocally supporting elite and age group competitors. We are sure Courtney Atkinson, Belinda and Justin Granger, Miles Stewart and Paul from Townsville (hi Paul) all appreciated our support.
To Glenn Bourke, CEO, Hamilton Island Enterprises Ltd........... We'll be back.
Alexandra Evans
(with the Byron Bay/White Haven Swim Party 2009)

A very pleased Neil McDonald, from the Hamilton Island organisers, tells us: "The swim went fantastic. We ended up having to turn people away because the boat was full. We had 140 competitors and around 70 or so spectators who specifically went to watch their partners.
I have never seen so many BIG WIDE SMILES after an ocean swim. The venue certainly helped but the event did look first class.
Well, that is my opinion and many comments were similar, so I hope it true."

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