Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And the Last shall be First

12 months of swimming tragic

Distance Tallies 2009/10

That's amusing, if not a little ironic
Given that I usually finish worse than midfield in every race
And did actually finish lucky last in my first attempt at a longer swim last year

Anyway thanks to os.c and the Statsman for keeping track and publishing the distances
It keeps it interesting for us slower swimmers


  1. Good stuff Richard - I've got many of the same caps from the season, and it's strange to see the collection all in different colours! I'll look forward to giving you a challenge next season for the distance title, congrats on this year's achievement in any case :)

  2. Nice collection Richard, it really shows how good it is when the organisers make the caps swim-specific, with the beach and year. I always feel ripped off when all you get is a branded cap with the major sponsor's name. My vote for best cap of the season is the Malabar-Little Bay (Rainbow Club) swim.


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