Thursday, June 3, 2010

Caloundra's warriors...

The 1st inaugural Caloundra Kings of the Coast swim last Sundee was a nice one, by all accounts. Check out our report (on, then come back here and tell us what you thought...


  1. I am dying to know if the famous Broadbeach Waters speedy journo "rubbered up"????

  2. I agree, a good challenge, but could have been harder if the current had gone the other way (as it often does according to those in the know).
    I went without wetsuit, and even though I am a fair way from the leaders, I felt a bit ripped off by giving away 3-4 minutes to those in 'black'
    A great day out - will be back

  3. I enjoyed Tacoma Jim's report. I agree that 21 degrees is a manageable temperature sans wettie - and I'm a wimp. I wondered if any of the elite swimmers were wearing wetties? Did the winners rubber up?

  4. Did you hear the one about this Chinese guy who was not happy with his restaurant meal. He marches into the kitchen and says `This chicken rubbery'. The cook, also Chinese, misunderstands him due to his accent and replies: `Sank you very much. Rubbery of you to say so'. So yes the Caloundra 3.8km swim was rubbery. And of course I swam in a suit. Not that I wanted to of course. Look what they made me do. Suits should be rubbed out next year. They are not conducive to the spread of good ocean swimming culcha. It certainly made for a talking point. Weekend Warriors run their three-race series at stunning venues: Tangalooma on Moreton Island, Rainbow to Kirra and Moffatt's to King Beach (Met Caloundra surf club). They are hugely welcome additions to the skinny Qld oceanswimming calendar. And that's a wrap for Queensland until Burleigh kicks off again in October rather than September. One small but noteworthy event was the 10th anniversary last Sunday of the Miami Masters' regular Sunday morning swims (7.30 at `the pipe') from Burleigh to North Burleigh. The instigator of the swim, Geoff Ross, was forced to sit it out due to the recenet installation of a heart pacemaker, but it has made him more determined to be ready for 2020 and the 20th anniversary.

  5. This was a great event and a nice escape from the beginning of the NSW winter.

    Have to agree with the wetsuit issue. Queenslanders - toughen the f$%^ up!!!!

    The red swim cap / red buoys weren't such a good idea... and big call by the organisers that they would be visible in the swell - I had to look around a fair bit to spot them.

    But overall, well organised event along a spectacular bit of coastline. I'll be back...


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