Monday, June 14, 2010

Personal achievement - Andrew does Manhattan

To cut a story short ... I made it!!

But what a tough swim. This may be my toughest yet and I am not doing any that have a remote chance of being as hard.

Didn't travel well. Landed in NYC with a flu. Decided to see a doctor on Madison Ave who prescribed some antibiotics. During the course of Friday I completely lost my appetite and anything I forced down wouldn't stay, antibiotics!? Not great starting the event with nothing eaten since Thursday but relied on my swim nutrition to get me through. Feeling very average during Friday night and into Saturday and next to no sleep.

Anyhow started off after considering withdrawing and started to feel better for a while. Until the Harlem that is. Harlem turned my stomach at one point and I thought it was all over for me. Fortunately I did make myself hold drinks down or else I know my lifespan for exercise reduces. I had no choice. Paddler and crew also didn't stop the drinks just because I wasn't keeping it in.

Hudson was pretty choppy and I forgot what a long leg it is. The Empire State Building is a partly mid town land mark that follows you around and for a while doesn’t allow you to think you are getting closer. Battled it out in the Hudson for approximately 4 hours after 5 hours to Spuyten. Not sure of my placing but time was just around 9 hours.

Hudson was bordering on cold for me due to being tired and was looking forward to the finish line so I could guarantee that I had made it. You never know if you never try. Just keep swimming. I will make it if I don't stop.

Happy that I gave it a shot and in time it will have been worth the effort. Now to try and recover and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Best to all!! I am really stuffed!! The strange things we do?

I also want to acknowledge my Physio for having no shoulder pain. My friend Selwyn for his E3 drink it gave me the chance. Two great paddlers Mike and Terry that encouraged me on when I needed it and shepherded me around the course. And also my crew Orin, the Skipper and the NYC Swim Observer (as well the kids on the boat that didn't know who I was but) who cheered me on and seemed quite excited about it all. I couldn't let them go to school on Monday and tell their friends that their Australian swimmer didn't make it). Also my family for putting up with me over the past few months of training!!...  And also to save the thanks for the other most important person that got me around but couldn't be there on the day for their own email . . . my lovely and very special Coach Pauline.

Thanks heaps Pauline!!


Andrew Page

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  1. Well done Andrew. It sounds like a tough day.


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