Friday, November 27, 2009

Amazing PB at Dawny

Wow, what an amazing swim. Who would have believed a fat old Pom could put in a month of solid training and zoom up the field from his usual finish in the bottom 20% to come 54th out of 270 and 5th in the old fart section.

And as Dawny was the first in the Hahn series what a chance to get a head start on the field.

If only it wasn't for my obviously faulty Timex.

My official time of 37.20, give or take, was a fabulous PB, especially compared to last year's 1.00.44 - almost twice as fast.

Even the obviously inaccurate time on my wrist watch, 50.30, was a huge improvement, but if the organisers want to give me 37.20 who am I to contradict them?


OK Paul, when putting together the Hahn league tables I guess you'd better use my Timex generated time rather than the wonderfully flattering official one. Just remember this when my wristwatch shows a time that's a lot slower than the official one.


Steve Hall

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  1. You gotta take these unexpected little victories where you can. Sometimes we need a little strategy, stealth & good fortune to catch the faster swimmers. Take the official time as recorded and buy yourself a new watch.


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