Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Canberra Lake Burley Griffin - A Personal Challenge

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Scrivener Dam after Sunrise

On Sunday 8th November 2009, I swam the length of Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra in the Sri Chinmoy National Capital Swim. A distance of 9k.
It was the first time I attempted to swim this distance.
I finished 7th in my category, solo swimmers under 50 no wetsuit, and 11th overall (out of 11 solo no wetsuit finishers!)
All solo finishers were presented with trophies, so it was also my first trophy for an open water swim.
Thanks to excellent help from my paddler Peter, some great coaching and endurance training from Coach Chad, and priceless advice on long-distance swimming from Helen, there was never a time when I doubted that I would complete the race.
My time 3:45:37 was 10 minutes under the target time I had set myself for the race.
It was a lovely swim and conditions on the day were perfect.
This is a great annual event, and was very well run by the Sri Chinmoy Race Team.

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