Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing the sights in Hong Kong...

Hong Kong – Ah! - Not somewhere many an ocean swimmer would put on their list as a place to venture – until now!
With the recent aftermath of two typhoons and coming from a so called clean & green country (NZ) I was not expecting too much in the way of water quality.

On the morning of October 10th – 4 solo, 1 duo and 41 teams headed from Stanley Beach towards Round Island before our long swim to the finish of Deepwater Bay some 15kms away. Air temp 30 C, water temp 27 C; it was like swimming in a large warm bath.

Our first turning marker some 2.1/2km from the start was a rather large shipping buoy (certainly no cheating here) whereupon we found two vibrant trumpet players, Kai & Michal. These guys were also station at different island spots along the course.

We hit a few swells heading for Round Island; apart from that it was pretty smooth swimming. Being a solo and left side breather I missed much of the amazing scenery, and was relying on my outrigger support crew Lister to take lots of photos as well as keeping me out of trouble, supplying drinks and updating me on what was happening around me.

The reception at Deepwater Bay was greatly received by all, especially by this solo swimmer, and despite the poor water visibility the one and only thing I ran into was a JELLYFISH.

The day finished with a meal and gathering at a local outrigger club. I had no idea that there were so many NZers, Aussies, Brits and Americans enjoying the good life of Asia.

This Ocean swim was organised by DougWoodring who runs “Project Kaisei”, his mission - to clean up the Plastic Vortex that’s ruining our Pacific Ocean. Check out his website and see how we can all help, I still have many an ocean I wish to cross.

Heather Osborne - kiwi ocean swimmer

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  1. Well done, sounds like hard work swimming 15k solo in that warm water.
    I like the idea of having trumpet players on the turning buoys. All we have here is an os.c photographer bobbing near the marker and snapping unwary swimmers.


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