Monday, November 16, 2009

Penrith Berry Rickards 5k Endurance Swim

This is a great open water swim.
A race against the clock for the youngsters, and a test of endurance for the oldies.
A perfect day out West yesterday morning, not a breath of wind on the mirrored lake surface. The water was a little weedy as you would expect in fresh water, otherwise clean and not too warm.
Congratulations to all who completed their first 5k endurance swim or 10k swim-through.


  1. Ta to the organisers for waiting for a old git to finish the 10k. This is a great training for the start of the oceanswimming season, kilometres in the shoulders and 1250 metre long
    lane ropes to learn to swim in a straight line.To top off the day Team Australia touched out Team New Zealand in the 5k by 2 seconds.Regards Peter Mccrae

  2. i did that swim,gee 5ks is hard in fresh water and all straight lines,no chop,rips,surf,i can't wait to get back to real open water swimming,
    brian standlick


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